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Not Ready for Prime Time 2013

Dear Prime Time Player,

I'm glad I got you! I'm a simple person: I like drama and angst but also love happy endings more than anything (if the plot permits it). So if you can give me a happy ending, I think I'll be alright! Or something.

I like het and slash! I can go either way though I do have some semi-OTPs... but not to worry! I'll let you know in my prompts what I prefer and even if you don't do any ships and stick to gen, I'll still love you for writing for me :)

Anyway, my fandoms for Not Prime Time 2013 are:

Hikaru no Go
    I think I would love to see Sai return somehow a long time after the series leaves off and, perhaps, after Hikaru is settled in the Go world (not to mention his go skills). But not while Hikaru is old. How about something along the lines of ten years after volume 23? How does this affect his relationship with Akira? With his friends? What would Hikaru feel? What would Sai feel? Has he been watching all this time?

    I'm not sure which method I like better: Sai returning in ghost form or as a reincarnated human who has somehow recovered his memories. If not all of his memories, then at least his fond memories of Hikaru. I trust you to make that call if this is the prompt you're making!

    For this, I'm open to gen, het or slash. But I would honestly prefer Hikaru/Akira. ♥

    If not, I'm also curious about seeing a fic about Ogata and his curiosity towards Hikaru. I think it'd be cute to see. And I think I would love it if you can somehow make it Ogata/Hikaru with Akira in utter disbelief on the side. Like the first suggestion, even though I would love this to have some slashy slant, I won't mind gen and friendships at all!

    And finally, my last suggestion for this is: How about Hikaru getting into a life and death situation and, because of this, he's able to chill talk with Sai again (while he's at death's door, taht is)? And not just a one-sided conversation too... With Akira and friends worrying on the side....

Weiss Kreuz

    I would love to see Omi/Mamoru together with one of the Weiss boys (though I would prefer it to be Yohji) after Gluhen. I'm not sure how you would do this... but I just want a happy ending for Omi. Also, I think I would prefer this to be Yohji because of Yohji's fate after Gluhen... but I'm fine with either one of them.

    I would just be happy seeing him with someone after Gluhen and happy.

    However, if you're not comfortable with writing slash, I would be happy just seeing him become close friends again with one or all of the Weiss people... you know, finding away to do that while still being Mamoru.


    May I have a fic where Goku remembers the pain and misery that is Saiyuki Gaiden And Konzen and then Sanzo or Hakkai has to deal with this?

    While I love myself some Sanzo/Goku, I think I'll be very, very happy with some... fatherly love action going on here from either Sanzo or Hakkai. Especially with how Gaiden was. Make it bittersweet, please! ♥

    Also, I wouldn't mind seeing Nataku in this... whether he's what helps Goku remember or if it's fic about Goku meeting him again and being friends with him...

Ace Attorney | Gyakuten Saiban series
    I love Ace Attorney slash. I gotta admit, my first thought when I saw this option was "Phoenix/Edgeworth request time!"... but I'll try to give you options if you're not into slash :)

    I think I would be interested in seeing Klavier/Phoenix. Whether it's mutual or one-sided is up to you! If you'd like to do a love rectangle(?) (Apollo -> Klavier -> Phoenix -> Edgeworth -> Steel Samurai???) , I would love that too! I think I just really want to see this...

    Another thing I would love to see is Edgeworth and how he consoles Phoenix after losing his badge. Whether he does this as a friend or as a lover is up to you, of course, but... that, Edgeworth doing that is really what I'm after. Does he do this immediately? After some years? How did he do it?

    I think I would find it really funny if by the time he decided to do it, Phoenix has already retaken the bar...

Anyway, these are just my prompts. I'll be happy with whatever you write for me so don't be afraid to deviate a little from my random prompts! I love the characters I've chosen for my requests and I think I'll be fine with whatever's written on them. I do hope my prompts are used but it's fine, really, if that isn't possible!

So yeah! Good luck writing! ♥

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